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Bell Canada Update

It’s been a relatively quiet couple of months now since my major headaches with Bell Canada. Both my Bell ExpressVu and home phone service problems have been resolved. So here’s a little update on my Bell Canada woes.

If you recall (or if you read about it from the link above), I had to argue with the Bell ExpressVu agent just to get them to give me the programming I wanted. In the end, he did as I asked. Low and behold, when my bill came it was exactly as I expected. Heck, I was almost disappointed to see it correct! ;)

They credited me for the correct number of days I was out of service and the best part was that they actually re-adjusted my Sympatico start date to be the day I was finally able to active my account and not the original date. It’s sort of hard to use a DSL internet connection if you have no phone line. ;) At least they realized that automatically.

Now I’m just waiting for the programming credits I’m supposed to get with Bell ExpressVu. We’ll see how long that takes.

The only other amusing thing is that Bell ExpressVu has recently increased all their pricing. For once, being in a long term contract is working to my favour! They are going to keep my bill the same for the duration as long as I don’t make any changes. That’s easy enough to accomplish – I don’t think I want to deal with getting Bell to do anything to my account anytime soon!

Bell Canada Repair (611) Woes

On the evening of Monday August 15, 2005, we discovered that we had no dialtone on our home phone. OK, no problem, we’ll call Bell with our cell phone and they will get it figured out. The phone had been working fine since we moved in (only about 3 weeks before) so we didn’t expect it to be anything to difficult for Bell to take care of.

Oh were we ever wrong.

Since it was after business hours, we waited until the next day to call and report it. Easy enough, they take the info and promise us the phone will be fixed by 6PM on the Wednesday. That sort of sucks because it means we won’t have phone service for another day. Again, not a huge deal though since we’d have it for after supper (which is when we usually get around to making any calls anyways.).

Oh, and I hate Emily by the way. That’s Bell’s voice prompt system. Too bad it’s not fast enough to keep up with you when you already know the words you need to say to get where you want. Stupid system. At least with number prompts you can key them in quickly. Although, if you confuse Emily enough she craps out and gives you numerical options. Never got around to just mashing the keypad but I think I will sometime I’m bored. How many ways can you crash Emily?

6PM Wednesday approaches and we still have no dialtone. Call Bell with the cell. They repeat it will be fixed by 6PM (it was about 5:45PM at that time) so we wait about an hour and call back because it’s not fixed. Apparently the technician assigned was unable to get to all of their appointments that day and we were being rescheduled for the next day. Oh, but we were again guaranteed the phone would be working by 6PM Thursday.

Oh, so the one thing I forgot to mention so far. During all of this, the phone line is still active, we just can’t get a dialtone. That means people calling us just get the line ringing forever. That really sucks. If anything, I would have rathered Bell disconnected the line. At least then people calling would get something indicating there was a problem.

Anyhoo, Thursday 6PM rolls by with no visit from Bell and no dialtone. By now I’ve been to my demarc point and verified the problem really is outside the house. Last thing I wanted was to get a stupid service charge from Bell for something that was in the house.

Again we call Bell. Again we are guaranteed it will be fixed by Friday at 6PM because they’ve now figured out that it’s a problem in the central office (CO) and the trouble ticket needs to be re-routed to the people who work in the CO. Guaranteed to be working by Friday at 6PM.

Yeah so Friday at 6PM rolls around. We call Bell. They claim by 10PM it would work. At 10:15PM I call Bell again and chat with Keith at Bell Repair. I’m rather pissed. I ask for a supervisor and (after Keith warned me the wait would be long) get to chat with supervisor Paula at about 10:45PM.

Oh supervisor Paula, how I wish I could track down your employee ID so I could nail your ass to the wall.

Supervisor Paula tells me she is going to take care of everything, that she’s sorry it’s taken so long. She informs me that she is going to generate a new trouble ticket and hand deliver it to the people who need to get it. She tells me my phone will be working by 1PM on Saturday and that she is going to leave a message for the supervisor by the name of Stacey that is working on Saturday. Stacey is supposedly going to call me back and if I don’t hear anything I’m to call Bell Repair back and ask them to forward me to her at extension 3432.

OK, so Paula talks the talk, too bad I didn’t realize she was just trying to get rid of me so she didn’t have to deal with me. I guess that has a lot to do with me being left on hold for 30 minutes waiting for her.

Anyways, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that Stacey didn’t call me on Saturday and we didn’t have dialtone by 1PM. I’m not a happy camper.

Now, this is where it became “fun”. I’m already super pissed off with Bell (I had a wonderful chat with a Bell ExpressVu “Customer Service Agent” Saturday morning already but that’s another story on it’s own) and I’m even more pissed that we keep getting jerked around. I call Bell Repair again. This time I get some guy that proceeded to frustrate the hell out of me. Not only was he completely useless, I could hear him flipping pages – reading the script is all I can assume since his answers were all just useless. I asked him to forward me to Stacey at extension 3432. He said he couldn’t. Huh? Why not? Not allowed to. Huh? Paula said so. Doesn’t know a Paula and there’s no Stacey who works there.

Oh. Now I’m super pissed. Not only do I realize I’m getting jerked around, I’m getting laughed at too. I rip into the guy. I want a supervisor now. Do I get one? Nope. I keep getting nonsense responses and twisted replies. Screw this. I hangup and hit re-dial. Too bad I forgot to get the guy’s name and employee ID at the beginning of the call.

The woman I talk to next is by far the nicest person yet but she still doesn’t fix my phone. However, she is very apologetic for what has happened. I don’t know if she managed to get my phone fixed but it was fixed when she said it would be.

Anyways, the one thing she tells me after I ask for Stacey at extension 3432 is that there is more than one Bell Repair office that the calls get forwarded to. Ah-ha! There’s the kicker. Apparently I’ve been forwarded to the Toronto office for some reason. I still don’t know where Paula and Stacey work, not in Toronto though.

This agent tells me there is no record of anything on my ticket other than the appointment keeps getting missed. Apparently it kept getting updated as if I wasn’t there for the appointments. I never had to be there as it was always outside my house. She claims to add in all of the dates and times I’ve been told it was supposed to be fixed. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. In the end she says the phone should be fixed by 6PM Monday but she didn’t guarantee it, she only said that was the time she was being told by the system. OK, fair enough. I can buy that response. At least it was honest.

Anyhoo, by mid afternoon on Monday the phone is working. 7 freaking days later. One whole week without phone and from what I was able to get from the last woman it sounded like they inserted a faulty line card when they upgraded my line to be able to handle DSL. Haven’t bothered to follow up on that yet.

Now, the next set of problems are going to begin. I get to deal with Bell Canada Billing next to try and get credit for lack of phone service, no internet access (yeah, I went with Bell for everything – stupid me eh?) and the one that I’m sure I’ll have fun with – trying to get credit for the extensive use of our Bell cell phones during the period with no home phone service.

That should be fun.