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k-os – Joyful Rebellion and EMI Copy Controlled Discs

Well, I finally caved in and bought k-os’ joyful Rebellion. Why caved in you ask? Well, this CD isn’t actually a CD. It’s an EMI Copy Controlled Disc which means it doesn’t conform to the Compact Disc standard. Out of curiosity I looked up the disc on BestBuy’s website.

Best Buy Canada – k-os – Joyful Rebellion

Turns out the page makes no mention of the disc being a Copy Controlled Disc.

So what’s the big deal? Well, Copy Controlled Discs don’t play in all CD players. The disc has been corrupted to make it “unreadable” by a computer, in theory, but it also can cause problems for a normal CD player. And why is that a problem? Well, if this disc didn’t work in my CD player, I can’t just take it back to BestBuy since their policy is no returns on open CDs (yeah, but this isn’t a “CD” technically). Best I could do is exchange it for another one claiming it was defective. But then I’d be stuck with another defective disc.

Anyhoo, so why am I bothering with this post at all? Well, I slid the disc into my iBook and iTunes ripped it without any problems. Oh, before you get your knickers in a knot, I live in Canada and I’m allowed to do this according to the Canadian Copyright Act. I rip my music discs so I can put them on my iPod for my personal use. But since I had to pay a $25CAD “levy” on my iPod I’m already branded as a “pirate”. Arrrr Matey!

So what’s the point EMI? You’re probably wasting loads of cash on a useless “technology” that doesn’t work.

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