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MT 2.5

Well, I just upgraded to Movable Type version 2.5 and I noticed it now has a search function! Woot! I’ll have to play around with that later and see if I can get this site a little better organized at the same time. I’ll probably be changing the colour scheme and layout a couple times over the next while to try and get something that I like and that is relatively easy to navigate. :)

If you’ve got any suggestions, add them as a comment to this article.

New Layout

Well, in case you’re wondering, I’ve now started using Movable Type to manage my web site. This means the layout is quite a bit different than my previous site. Of course I’ve still got this thing for the grey background though. ;)

There is still a fair bit of work for me to do before I get MT tweaked just the way I want it. I’m not a big fan of the whole date-based archiving and page displaying so I’ve got to figure out how to kill that off.

Anyhoo, lots of stuff to keep me busy for a while yet. Maybe there will even be more content showing up since it’s so easy for me to add a new ‘entry’. :)