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Ronald McHummer parody website

I was reading AutoblogGreen this morning like I tend to do and I came across this article on the Ronald McHummer parody website, Ronald McHummer. I have to admit, it is sort of funny and their sign-o-matic is a neat little idea that works rather well. So why am I even bothering with a post to my blog on something that is rather benign? I read their “top 5” and only the first two points have any real value:

1. Hummers emit high levels of smog-forming chemicals that cause or worsen asthma, which hits hardest among children.

Yes, smog is bad. Yes, vehicles with large engines emit more exhaust which means then have higher levels of smog-forming chemicals. Luckily the Hummer is an easy, highly recognizable target. There are a lot of other vehicles on the road that are contributing more (like all those “fuel efficient” cars stuck in traffic during rush hour).

2. Hummers are the worst example of the lack of commitment to cleaner and more efficient vehicles by General Motors and other American automakers.

Uh, ok, yeah, I’ll buy it. They build a vehicle with a big engine. I guess it’s showing how “uncommited” they are but if that were the case then wouldn’t all of their vehicles be gas guzzlers?

3. Hummers spew the pollution that causes global warming, contributing to killer heat waves and hurricanes.

Yup, and so does every other internal combustion engine. Oh yeah, hybrids use internal combustion engines too so even though they are usually smaller engine, they still “spew the pollution”.

4. Hummers are gas guzzlers, helping keep America dependent on oil from the Middle East and threatened by the region’s extremist politics.

Wow. Someone needs to re-think this point. The more Hummers on the road, the faster the oil supply will be depleted meaning the sooner America will have to find an alternative fuel source. That sounds like a good thing to me. Of course, I’m guessing that this point was made by someone who is looking at the cost associated with this. The more Hummers on the road, the sooner gas prices go through the roof and the sooner the people with the small, fuel efficient vehicles are spending $100 to fill their tank. Ooo, nice segue…

5. At current gas prices, filling up a Hummer H2 costs almost $100 – money parents could spend on healthier food for their kids.

Wha? There are a lot of vehicles that cost more than $100 to fill up. Yes, I realize this is a US site and they have much cheaper gas in the US but here in Canada most minivans cost $100, or very close to $100 to fill. Heck, my Sunfire is around $50. Oh, but I’m guessing that the point isn’t that it costs almost $100 to fill but that the author is trying to make a connection between the poor fuel economy of the Hummer and how Hummer owners must not have any money to feed their kids anything other than McDonalds food.

Anyhoo, I think a lot of people are getting their knickers in a knot over this. It’s a very simple thing to avoid – don’t go to McDonalds. Don’t buy a Happy Meal. And don’t buy a Hummer.

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  1. This whole anti-McHummer thing is much ado about nothing. The car in my son’s Happy Meal today is not going to influence his car buying decisions 20 years from now. If you bothered to talk to an actual child, you might have learned that the toy hummer doesn’t burn any gas at all. It’s just a toy … car.

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