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Apparently a Saint Bernard Labrador Mix is a Big Dog

Did you know that a Saint Bernard – Labrador mix is a big dog?

That seems to be one of the only things people can say when they find out what kind of dog Roxie is. Well, that and also that she is cute. ;) It’s sort of funny now that we hear it so often. We’ve made a bit of a joke out of it now. Someday I’ll have to try to play it up a bit and tell the people they’re crazy. There’s no way our 3.5 month old dog is going to get any bigger! She’s full grown! hehe.

Anyhoo, Roxie is now easily over 35lbs. She’s starting to respond to voice commands (with some help from a pocketful of kibble) and is doing beter when we go for walks. She’s almost to the point where we’ll need the head collar as she’s just recently started pulling. Up until now it’s been a struggle just to get her to walk more than 5 feet at a time.

Lots more fun to come!

88 thoughts on “Apparently a Saint Bernard Labrador Mix is a Big Dog”

  1. Do you have a picture? I am adopting a mix breed labranard this sunday. Kona is currently 10 weeks old. I’m just curious. Thanks.

  2. I just adopted a puppy from someone.. they said he was a lab mixed with what they think was a saint bernard.. he is a doll! and huge feet.. he was born april 1 2007

    do you know what yours looked like as a puppy.. I am sure he is this mix but she also said other sneaky neighbors dogs too haha.

    I have pics of him if you want to try to help me.
    I looked at Roxie’s pics.. but they are older than my puppy but I can see the resemblances.

    his mom was a big black lanky lab..


    thank you

  3. This picture of Roxie was taken the day we picked her up. She was 8 weeks exactly and 16lbs (she was 112lbs at her two year checkup).

    I’ll have to dig around as I think we have pictures from when she was about a week old too. Those would also have her siblings.


  4. I love the pics of Roxie – I used to have a St/Mastiff mix. Do you know where I might find a St/lab mix?

    1. hello I have a st benard lab mix hes bigggg he is well with kids hes dark brown st benard head and mouth eats like a cow lol im selling him do to me not haveing time with him he is 6 years old

  5. I have a Black Lab/St. Bernard mix. His name is Barli Boy. He was born on May 29, 2007. I was hoping for more of the St. Bernard look, like Roxie, but he seems to be pulling the Black Lab. His disposition is wonderful. I just love him!

  6. Funny, isn’t it what people say when they hear about your ‘little baby’?

    Our St B/Yellow Lab mix is six now and has the most placid temper of any dog I’ve ever seen. He is our ‘gentle giant’ and is madly in love with our 11 month old 35-pound Border Collie. It is very sweet to see.

    His picture can be seen here…

  7. I am wanting to get a saint bernard labrador mix puppy and I was wanting to know what their temperment is like and if they are good with kids? Please email me and let me know thanks.

  8. Our Saint Bernard Labrador mix has a pretty good temperament with our daughter. She’s actually sort of scared of our daughter and will usually go in the opposite direction. Heck, I’d be scared of a toddler too. The biggest issue we had was with Roxie not realizing how big her paws are. She would sometimes drop a paw on our daughter’s foot, etc and that would result in some screams. Saint Bernards are supposed to be really good with kids and Labs are usually just big dorky dogs that love everyone so it makes for a good mix from our experience so far.

  9. we just adopted an 8 wk old bernard/lab mix female her name is Molly and she is just as innocent Decieving! Anyone with a Pup knows what I am speaking of. She is teething on everything, and everyone. Last night she showed us a bit of an agressive side by barking and growling when being told NO, Has anyone had trouble with their pup of this breed. molly is 10 weeks now and starts school next week. YEAH!!!!!

  10. we adopted a st bernard/black lab mix too. he is the best dog we could have asked for…we plan to get another of the same breed. The only negative thing we have found is that he is EXTREMELY protective of the family, and will often not allow people in untill he ‘trusts’ them. (okay, this is also positive too.)

  11. I am possibly adopting a lab/st bernard mix- does anyone know how good tehy are around kidss i have a 2 years old and an infant. Also do they drool much?

  12. Both Saint Bernards and Labradors tend to be good with kids. Our Roxie puts up with a lot from our toddler and once she’s had enough she just gets up and leaves. The biggest problem we have is when she tries to turn around she will sometimes knock our toddler over. That’s more because she thinks she is a lap dog and not a 115lbs “big dog”. :)

    Just remember than any dog can be nasty, even the most docile breeds can have a few bad apples. A lot depends on how they are socialized. Make sure you take at least a basic obedience course.

    Drool isn’t really an issue most of the time. It’s not like she leave trails of drool around the house or anything. Stuff that she does get into her mouth will be soaked in a matter of second though. Her soft toys get pretty gross quickly when she’s playing with them.

  13. I went to adopt a bernard/lab mix last night (I had been looking at her all week) and sure enough she had been adopted before I could get there : ( I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a bernard/lab puppy? I have been searching online and haven’t found anything. Thank you!

  14. We also ended up with a Black Lab / St. Bernard puppy on “accident”. She was part of a mixed litter of 10 siblings. She is 8 weeks old and about 15 pounds, she has such a wonderful temperment and is so smart! Unfourtantly we are looking for a home for her and two brothers (we have placed all of the other siblings).
    But to anyone considering this mix, I would recommedd it highly, but be aware of the size they will most likely be over 100 pounds.

  15. I just ran across these postings. I’m disabled due to a seizure disorder and had to “retire”, so to speak when I was almost 50. I presently have a Lab/Bernard named Brie, who is my service dog. She also was result of a breeding “accident”! My trainer was curious and went to puppy test the litter and came away with Brie. By 12 wks she was completely housebroken, was opening the refrigerator on command, turning lights on/off on the training post. The trainer was amazed and went back and got the one remaining puppy, Bud. She trained him also as a seizure response dog and he was just as bright as Brie, with a hungry desire to please and to learn. Brie came to live with me in November 2006 when she was only ten months old. What a perfect fit and what a perfect dog. She learned to alert me to my seizures beforehand, giving us time to get somewhere safe. Last month she turned two and couldn’t be happier with her personality, temperament and work ethic. She’s just a blessing. I never would’ve thought the mix of a Lab and St. Bernard could be so great. She looks like a black Lab, but larger, and has a white chest and a little white on each paw. I keep her on the lean side because she assists me at times with my mobility, so she weighs about 85 pounds. She’s just great!

  16. Mary, I see that you are looking for a home for a bernard/lab. How old is the dog? What city/state are you in? I am in MN. Please let me know if you are still looking for a home for one of them. If you are, please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you!

  17. for anyone looking too buy a lab/stbernard i have just seen a new add on epupz look under labradors in hampshire,the pups have just been born.i think it said there are 9 puppies.

  18. We have been labrador retriever owners for 30 yrs. now, and the last 3 dogs we’ve owned have been mixes. The 3rd mix that we adopted last Th. (rescued from, is a lab/st. bernard mix. We’ve only had him for 3 days, and what a LOVE! A big o ouf of a dog, mellow for a one yr. old (not use to that being lab owners), doesn’t chew, house broken, a very good dog. I love this mix of a dog, because I love big dogs, and not too hyper. He weighs about 95 lbs., and is definetly an indoor dog, which we love. He snores a lot (wonder if that is typical of a st. bernard), and has this deep snorting in the middle of the night. He also has blocked tear ducts (not sure what I can do about that).

  19. HI THERE. well i am very excited, today i went to the san antonio human society (bexar county spca) and there were a liter of about seven saint bernard/lab mix. they were all the cutest thing, it was an extremly hard decision to make. I wanted them all. so any way i chose a little black one. 10 weeks old 22lbs. if any one is intrested and lives around town they still have some more of the pups. fee of $125. wish me luck training my new pup named (ORION)

  20. I was so happy to find this site. 6 days ago someone actually dropped a puppy off in the tack room of our barn! Literally locked her in there and left. We saw the car tracks and foot prints going to the man door of the tack room. (Some people have a lot of nerve) Needless to say…Gracie is now a part of our family. She is HUGE about 7-8 wks old looks alot like Roxie at 8 wks…they could be sisters! She is a doll. We just found her webbed feet yesterday so now we pretty much can guess that she is Saint Bernard/Lab mix. She goes to get spayed March 31, 2008 and get her first shots. She does have a hernia…did anyone else come across that? They will fix it when they spay her. Potty training is in the process…give me strength. :) I will get some pictures of her and see if I can figure out how to load them on here.

  21. Hi everyone. I’ve been amazed by the number of responses that my blog posts on Roxie have generated. I’m going to try to put together a new website just for Labranards. I hope to have at least some forums so people can post questions as well as potential St Bernard/Labrador adoption leads. I’ll post here again with more information once I’ve got a basic Labranard website running.

    Thanks for all of the interest in our Roxie!

  22. Hi,

    I just got a lab mix puppy 3 weeks ago. We’re pretty sure the Dad was a St Bernard. He’s very calm and smart. He’s already potty trained!

    My puppy also has webbed feet and came from a farm. You can see him here: (Sorry don’t know how to post a link)

  23. I was really happy to find this site. We recently lost our Lab-bernard “Brutus” to old age. He was the result of a love affair between my Saint and my brother’s black Lab, Brutus grew to 165 pounds of pure love. He was a black brindle, like a mastiff, the size and body of a saint, the heart of a lab, he had the best of both parents quailties. He was the gentlest dog I have ever known, especially for his size. I googled lab-bernard and came up with site, because I just can’t imagine any other kind of dog and would love to have another. I am so happy to know others have such wonderful lab-bernards.

  24. Hi Everyone!

    As I mentioned above, I’ve quickly thrown together a dedicated Labranard website. Check out for more information. It’s pretty rough at the moment but I hope to be able to clean it up and offer more useful information and services for those of us who love the St Bernard Labrador mixed breed dogs.


  25. Hello Everyone,
    So sorry to hear of your loss Amy, I hope you can find another, not to replace your Brutus…just to have.

    Well…Gracie went in to get spayed and have her shots. They guess her to be about 10 weeks old now and she weighs 21 pounds. She is so sweet. Over the past 2 wks. she has learned to sit…beg…shake…give me 5 and almost lay down on command with treats. Very bright puppy, we are still working on the potty training, thou she has seemed to catch on pretty good. That picture of your puppy Dani is too cute, be ready for him to jump into the water at any time…Gracie did about 2 days after we found her webbed feet…she just up and jumped in…scared us at first until we saw that she swims like a fish, but the ice had just left the lake and she was cold.

    Thanks for letting me brag on my baby! :)

  26. I have a St. Bernard & Lab mix… he has the same markings as a St Bernard, but is black & white instead of brown & white. Rex (our pup) is 4 months old now and is tipping the scale at 60 pounds!! He is the best dog and really a dog-owner’s DREAM! Smart, playful, and already completely trained.

    Here are a couple pictures of Rex

    All of you know what a joy these mix-breed dogs are…. I would only be telling everyone what they already know. I have a question though… how big can I expect this dog to get? I’m expecting him to be around 100 pounds… is that about right??

  27. I have a 4 month old St. Bernard & Lab mix. His name is Rex. He is the BEST dog I could have ever asked for. The last dog we had was a black lab mix and he was a HORRIBLE dog… ate everything, ran away all the time, never listened… so when it came time to get a new dog, we were hesitant once we found out the pup was another lab mix… I’m very very glad we went ahead and got him anyways!! Talk about total opposites!!! Rex is amazing & I love him like he’s my second child!! I’ve never been much of a dog person (I was still bitter from past experiences lol) but this dog has really turned me into a dog lover once again!! I’m amazed at his intelligence, and that alone has made puppy-rearing much much easier!!

    Here are a couple pics of Rex. Everyone always asks if he is a terrior of some sort… absolutly not. He is St. Bernard, Yellow Lab, and Bull Mastiff. He is 4 months, and tipping the scales at 60 pounds!! I cant wait to see what the next 4 months have in store for me…

  28. Hi everybody. Those are some cool stories.
    I have a St B/Lab mix named Bones. He will be 2 years old in July, 2008. So far he has been about the best dog any person could ask for. He learned all the basics and some cool tricks right away, almost perfectly. He is totally well mannered, gentle and absolutely loyal. He loves kids and attention. I take him for two bikerides per day, weather permitting. Actually, he takes me for a ride and pulls me like a chariot for about 2-3 miles before he’s pooped out. Then we go home and chill. We live in Chicago, so it’s a shame I can’t just let him out off his leash more…nevertheless, we get plenty of exercise. Plus, we go camping about once every 2 months or so. Bones wears his barrel of whiskey like a champ and will pull firewood on a sled from the woods back to camp. It seems his mission is to pull things. He never really chewed anything…but he relocates shoes and socks all the time. So ridiculous. The only time he can be a real Bronx cheer is when he wants to play and I want to watch the evening news.
    I suppose for what it is worth and if anybody cares, this mix is really really awesome if you want a big, loyal, smart, faithful dog…exactly what you’d think a StB/Lab mix would be. Definitely not for lapdog/cat people or lazy people. Probably not the best choice for city folk either, but we’re getting along fine. Plan on 40 pounds of food a month. As a gag, I made a myspace page for him complete with profile and pictures. If you care to see it, just do a search for Bones in Chicago.
    Take it easy. Dan and Bones.

    1. Hi Dan,
      I am getting “Jackson” “JAX” for short in a couple weeks and I need so help on training? Can I ask what you did or did not do????? I have pulled up a couple sites but there is really nothing for “our” designer pup’s = ( Mother is a pretty St. Bernard and Dad (not by choice, was an accident) is a Big beautiful Black Lab. Puppies really look like Lab’s with a little bit of the StB face..He is adorable and captured my heart.
      Please respond & Thank you in advance = 0 ) Denise

  29. I had a St. Lab Mix and have not had the luck of finding one since. I got Abbie as a pup. I sent her in at six months to be spayed and she died on the table. Keep in mind if you have never had one they are notorious for having enlarged hearts and unless your vet understands this don’t let just anyone spay or neuter your dog. Mine was panning out to be WONDERFUL. She listened and obeyed better than any do I’ve ever had.

  30. Evelyn, the modified dog named after a Frank Zappa song is our lab/st. bernard. She is Black, with white on her chest and a little on each paw. She is huge and keeps me very busy. She is now 11 years old and still as strong as ever. She does have an enlarged heart and we found out when she got hit with Lymes a few years back. She recovered fully twice from Lymes and had it very bad. My husband had to carry a 100 lb dog to take her out to the bathroom.
    I have a 2.5 year old and she is great with her, and evelyn loves people. She is very loyal to us, and a good watch dog. She barks everyday when the mailman comes!

    She loves walks, and enjoys playing ball. And is just happy to be in the same room with anyone. She is losing her sight, and now I have to start showing her where her food is and watch her around children just in case. I have to be in same room when she is with my daughter now.

    She does have episodes where she vomits and has diarrhea more than I have ever seen with a dog. just wondering if anyone else experiences that with thier lab/st bernard?
    Rice seems to help her get better. The vet did not really have an answer why she has these episodes.



  32. I have a 4 year old, 60 lb. 3/4 black lab, 1/4 heeler who just had puppies. Dad was a AKC 250 lb. long haired St.Bernard. There are 9 puppies. 6 have St.Bernard markings, 2 are black with white feet and chests, and one is solid brindle color. Their features, right now, seem to be St.Bernard. They were born on July 23, 2008 between 3 am and 9:30 am. There are 6 girls and 3 boys.

    This was an OOPS! pregnancy, but once she was pregnant, we could not abort the pregnancy. Now we are wondering how to find homes for the puppies. I found this website by accident and wondered if anyone might know of any resources. We would like to find homes for the puppies – animal shelters or humane societies are NOT an option.

    I have pictures if anyone would like to see.

    Any help would be great. Thank you, Andee

  33. Oh, the other things I forgot to mention…
    Mom, Kaytee, is short haired, trained for pheasant and duck retrieval, LOVES to play fetch, runs faster than most dogs I have seen, swims better than she runs, and loves to fish on the boat with my husband – her thrill is to lick the fish after he catches them. She is a sweet dog, but does not always do well around new people. We got her from a free ad in the paper, and believe that the previous owner may have abused and neglected her.

    Dad, Whistle, is a ranch dog. Lives a lazy life on a multi-tens of thousand acre ranch. However, when Kaytee comes to visit, he RUNS the 5 miles to the lake everyday to spend time with her. Needless to say, his mate, Dixie, is not impressed. Whistle is a block head St.Bernard with long hair. He is brown and white, with black diamonds over his eyes.

    The puppies? We have not named them yet, but…
    #1. Mostly white, with black St.Bernard markings on its eyes back to his ears, black blobs on its sides, and across the top of its rump.
    #2. looks like a holstein cow. Most of its face is black, its muzzle is gray, and blobs of black on its sides and across the top of its rump.
    #3. Is complete brindle – dark brown with black higlights
    #4. Black with white toes, chest, and abdomen.
    #5. Black with white toes, throat, chest, and abdomen.
    #6. Mostly white with a brown spot on the top of rump where its tail joins its body, and brown markings around the eyes to the ears
    #7. Mostly white, with black markings around the eyes and a couple of dots of black on the sides.
    #8. Mostly white, with black and brown St.Bernard markings at the eyes and ears. Streaks of brown and black on the sides, and at the rump.
    #9. Mostly white, with brown around the eyes and ears, and black on the sides and rump.

    They are all soooo precious. Both Mom and Dad have a loving nature, and are both very smart. My Kaytee girl loves attention and to be petted. She thinks she is a lap dog at 60 lbs. Then again, Dad thought he was a lapdog, too.

    The vet said the puppies will be around 100 to 150 lbs. Because mom is a smaller dog, I am having to help her feed them a few times a day. The puppies are only 3 days old and already gained 2 to 4 oz of weight. At this rate, they will be HUGE dogs. Once they start walking, my husband and I will be teaching them to fetch, swim, and fish. That is, if they are with us long enough.

    Thank you again, Andee

  34. @Andee: Where about are you located? From your comments it sounds like you might be in Texas or the mid-west as I don’t know of many other places where there are multi-tens of thousands of acre ranches. ;)

  35. No, I am in Nebraska. Whistle’s owners have a ranch in Cherry County.

    I am so glad I found this site. I just knew that other people had to have an OOPS like we did…Now to find out that actually breed for these dogs is really neat!!!

    I had never heard of this mix before. Apparently, we have been something.

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  37. Hey, THANKS for putting my info on the Labranard page. I don’t mind getting emails either, so you can give that out. Also, want to let anyone know that if you are within reasonable driving distance, I am willing to bring the puppy to you or meet you half way. These puppies are free – well, as free as I can make them…when was a puppy EVER free?

    I live in the Panhandle of Nebraska…I live 1 hour north of Colorado state line, 45 minutes from Wyoming state line, if that helps. I don’t know where to post any pictures of the dogs, but will gladly email.’

    THANKS again!

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  39. Hi I am a norwegian, and I had a lab-st bernard mix. His name was Theodor and he was the best damn dog i have ever met. A real smart, stoic gentleman. He was a real person in our family. He learnt quick and seemed to understand when you spoke to him. He adapted to different rules in different homes, witout being trained and told. His only weakness was the ladies, food and beer. (pretty much like any guy). We had him for over 14 years. My sister named her first son after him. Sounds weird, but he was such a good guy! It makes me smile to see the pictures of your dogs. It seems that this is a pariculately good mix.

  40. Ok we had someone drop a dog off with us all we know is he is 75lbs, 5months, ans a lab “mix” Truthfully he looks like an overgrown lab, definatly has webbed feet that are HUGE!! ‘Can anyone give me any ideas if he is a St benard mix.. we see the vet tomarrow but i can’t get it out of my head. He is huge!!

  41. @Jennifer: Tex looks like a good big boy! With webbed feet he could be part Newfoundland. Our Roxie (St Bernard – Labrador Mix aka Labranard) has sort of webbed feet. I say sort of because her paws are so big, the skin between each toe looks like webbing when she has them spread out.

  42. I just got my chica and was so excited to find this website to find out her breed. Please provide more information on the origin of the labranard, I have been searching google ever since I found this site 6 hours ago. My chica is a joy, but I am concerned about all the medical conditions I am reading about online. Thank you

  43. Hi Andee my friend Rae is taking one of your puppies. My nephew and I are wondering if we can be lucky enough to adopt 2 of your puppies. I had a Siberian Husky/Timberwolf mix dog when I was a teenager, she was a big fluffy loving dog, she was stolen out of our yard as were our other Siberian Huskies. I have been wanting to find another large breed dog, and your puppies are adorable. You can reach me thru Rae. I would love it if we could come and see the puppies!

  44. Hey there all. I was re-reading all the posts about dogs, and thought of something that might help anyone getting a new puppy. I was wondering how in the world I was going to paper train 9 little squirmy hyper puppies. I went on the internet, and found a method I thought i could handle. Sure enough, IT WORKED!!!

    I found the web page of a dog breeder. They use a method called the Misty Method for Puppy Paper training. It works beautifully!! I have 2 little stubborn pups that won’t use the paper, but the other 7 go from napping, eating, and/or playing straight to the paper. I have had a few accidents here and there, but for the most part, I lay out the plastic underlayer, put plenty of newspaper on the top, and change it out once or twice aday.

    I have begun measuring all the water and food that the puppies go through each day. It is amazing to me that these little buggers drink 2 gallons of water everyday, and eat at least (sometimes more) 2 gallons of food per day. Not include what Mom eats and drinks separately. We are going through 35 pounds of dog food each week (6 days really).

    The puppies are really growing. All have hit at least 9 pounds, and I don’t really have any runts. One puppy is much bigger than the rest. He is almost 12 pounds. Since we have had to separate mom from the pups, they now think I am mom, and run to me every time I go into their bedroom. 9 little puppies, barking, mewing, whining, and grunting – ALL wanting attention. I have to growl at them to help them understand that are not supposed to jump in my face and bite into my clothing.

    Alas my journey is almost to an end. As of September 18th, they will be 8 weeks, and ready for homes. I will miss them. However, I think i finally convinced my husband to keep 2 of them. He is a little apprehensive, but is giving in. Especially since I have taken to dirty tactics, and put a puppy in bed with him when he is sleeping. I return minutes later to find him snuggled up to the little buggers, and the puppy content to be cuddled while it naps. Oh!!! The blackmail pictures I have!!! :)

    I still a few pups left. They are going fast though. I have had a few people decide they could not deal with a puppy right now, and therefore have a couple of pups that were promised before, but are now available. Please be sure to look at LABRANARD.COM for the info!! You can email me at [email protected] or even call me at 308-631-4317.

  45. Hello all!! Just thought I would check back in with everyone. All the pups are gone, except the one we are keeping.

    My husband and I decided that the response to wanting the puppies was so huge that we are going to breed the puppy we kept next year. She is mostly white with brown over the eyes and ears and her tail and hips. We are going to breed her with a solid white Lab. Believe it or not, we already have a waiting list for 12 puppies.

    If anyone else is looking for a Labranard, I have heard there is a kennel in Texas that raises them – they specifically try to breed for the white labs and white labranard with masks only. I have not been able to find the name, but as soon as I do, I will let you guys know.

    You guys take care and THANKS so much!!

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  47. I have an approximately 12 year old Chocolate Lab/St. Bernard mix (Babe) whom I am having the misfortune of having to put down today. We rescued her from the Humane Society just over 6 years ago, so we are not sure her exact age. She has been the most wonderful dog. Her temperment has always been perfect. She is a big dog, with her max weight around 110 lbs, however she is no where near that now. She has been great with our pure bred chocolate lab, as well as other dogs. Our lab is actually a larger dog, but she became the dominate one as soon as we brought her home. She has been great with our 4 year old from the time he was born. From what I have read above this mix results in a well natured animal. I cannot say enough about her personality. We never had any problems with her mis-behaving. Again, we did not get her as a pup, but from the day we got her she always resonded to voice commands (until she lost her hearing about a year ago). Anyone who is not caught up in having to have a pure bred dog would be lucky to have a dog of this mix.

  48. I have a St. Bernard Lab mix named Dug. He is just over 2 years old and weighs about 160 lbs. Dug is very good natured and loves to play. Despite his size, he will try to climb in my lap. He loves to snuggle on the floor (he’s not allowed on the furniture). Dug has free range of the house all the time. He no longer requires being put in his kennel when no one is home. We don’t have to worry about someone breaking in because of him, he is a great deterrent with his big mean bark and massive size. Dug has been the best dog I have ever owned.

  49. Hi I have a 10 month Labranard he is black and white, he stands 28inches at the shoulders and is about 46 kilos now and still growing. He is a great dog with lots of personality, he is a slow thinker so training him takes time and patience. It is really nice to know there are others of his kind out there. You can see photos of him on my website

  50. I have an an almost 2 year old what I call St. Lanard :) Her name is Lily and she came from across the street from my neighbors house. Her father was a St. Bernard and her mother was a chocolate Lab. Her is an awesome Brindle color…no one can believe she is a mix of those two dogs. I have lots of pictures but have not put them on the internet yet. (other than facebook and myspace) Lily is a great dog. However, she has had some aggression issues with other dogs and in the past has randomly disliked certain people (no reason). I am unsure what causes the aggression because she is the most laid back dog when she is her normal self. If anyone would like to see pics email me!!!

    Danielle, Pennsylvania

  51. Earlier this week, we had to say goodbye to our beloved 100 pound baby. He was 9 year old St. Bernard/Lab mix. He was absolutely the best dog we’d ever owned. He was so humble and would do anything he was told even if he really didn’t want to. Despite his gentle disposition with us, he was quite the watch dog! I always had to meet guests outside so they could get out of their car. He was fine as long as i was in the yard. He was the only dog that I’ve ever totally trusted.

    His health was an amazing thing. There were several times that he was very sick and knocking at death’s door but he always responded well to treatments and defied the odds. About 6 weeks ago, he became lethargic and was obviously not feeling well. His immune system went crazy and his red blood cell count went very low. They started him on meds and he was bouncing back beautifully. Unfortunately, the drugs that were saving his life were also killing him. The vet said it was very rare for these drugs to cause liver failure and pancreatitis but that’s what was happening. After a week of keeping him very comfortable, he was even fighting those conditions off. However, we still had the blood issue which we couldn’t treat now. We finally opted to have him put to sleep and it’s been so hard on our family.

    It’s hard to find these dogs. I’ve been searching the internet all week. I happened to check the local classifieds yesterday and was overjoyed to find a local person with 3 puppies that they are giving away. We’re leaving soon to go get one. No dog can replace the one we lost but we look forward to the joys of our new addition.

  52. So sorry to hear of your loss, they are such a big part of our lives without us realising it. All the very best with your baby.

  53. Hi Everyone,

    I was so happy to come across this page! My husband and I have always gone back and forth with what the exact mix of our St. Bernard mix Dutch was. His father was a huge pure bred Saint, but no one was sure what his mother was exactly other than some sort of lab/retriever. I love finding pictures of dogs that look similiar to Dutch, since we rarely see dogs that look like him around. I was especially struck with Roxie’s puppy pictures! He’s 9 1/2 now and is just starting to show his age, which sadly, had made us realize that he will not be with us forever. We both think it would be absolutely impossible to be so lucky to find a dog like him again. He truly has the most tremendous disposition that we could ask for. He’s a big cuddly dope who at the same time is very loyal and protective, and terrified of thunder storms! You’re all very lucky to own such a special mix! Here’s some shots of “our son” Dutch!:


  55. I saw a litter or st. b/lab mixed puppies yesterday on my way home and fell in love immediately. I took one home of course and I am pleased to see everyone’s comments and stories. I have a 17 month old daughter and 6 year old son… so I was a little nervous about the breed. If anyone is in Houston and wants one, they are giving them away. email me at [email protected].

  56. I currently have a litter of Labranards. My pure bred male saint got to my chocolate lab. I guess I seperated them to late. I live in Massillon Ohio. So if any one is intersected let me now….Most of the pups are black with white spots on chest and a few are all brindled. Email is [email protected]

  57. I am looking for St. Bernard Lab mix. We currently have a lab/Shepard/dane mix that needs a sister. We live in Dallas vicinity. If anyone knows of any pups, please let me know.

  58. We just adopted a 4 yr old Labbernard, or Saint Lab, a couple weeks ago. He is 97 lbs weight, somewhat larger than any house dog we’ve had previously. But he is such a good dog, very well-mannered and calm. In fact, he is the BEST dog we have ever had, and makes a great house pet. “Very enjoyable companion” does not even begin to describe him. We sort of wondered if any dog could really replace our beloved late Boxer, but he has stolen our hearts; we all love him dearly already.

  59. I had a lab St.Bernard mixed. He was the best dog ever! His name was Pooh bear. I got him when he was four years old. The people who had him before me mistreated him. I’m so glad I got him out of that cruel life and adopted him. Unfortunately, he hips got bad and he could not walk any more. I took care of him for as long as I could. I miss him every day. He was my great proctor. I love you Pooh Bear!

  60. I have a 6 year-old Labrador/St. Bernard Mix! He is the most adorable and personalitied dog I have ever had. His name is Maximoose and he currently sits at 180 lbs. (His highest was 235 lbs! he had a glandular issue that is now corrected.) Unlike Roxie, Max is all one color … Cinnamon … and he has more Lab features than Saint (except the ginormous size :) We have been quite lucky he has had no hip issues as yet and I do hope that it remains that way. Anyway! It’s nice to see pictures of this wonderful mix from somewhere other than my own home. :)

    Amy Beth

  61. Well, our beloved 4 yr. old St. Lab, or Labbernard, has filled out a bit since we got him about three months ago at 97 lbs. He is now about 115-120 lbs and going strong. Still the best dog we’ve ever had. I have only ever heard great things about this breed and would recommend one to anyone who wants a loyal and friendly companion dog.
    The General is a short-hair reddish fawn with black mask, with a bit of “snow” mixed in on one side of his nose, and a white chest. He is a strikingly handsome dog who is loved by everybody who meets him. I don’t think you could go wrong with this breed for a family dog.

  62. My boyfriend and I have just adopted a St. Bernard/Black Lab mix pup. Her name is Zoe and she is 8 weeks old. We have had her for two days and she has already stolen our hearts. I don’t know how a pup can get any more adorable. She is so well tempered, usually playing for a while and just passing out, and she follows his two year old neice around like her shadow, never nipping or pawing at her. She is also doing very well with house training. We both enjoy the outdoors and are hoping she will love water and do well on camping and fishing trips. The mother was an AKC registered Lab and the father AKC registered St. Bernard. Has anyone had significant health issues or problems with this mixed breed to keep an eye out for?

  63. Hi Everyone,

    Question for all of you if you don’t mind regarding dog beds. Dutch is over 10 now and he’s seeming to have a harder time getting on and off the couch. (which we reluctantly started letting him sleep on when he first started getting achey.) His bed is too flat for him to really be comfortable. We’re looking at getting him one of the orthopedic beds but at the size we need they get pretty pricey! Which is ok, but we want to make sure they’re going to be comfy for him. There are so many different kinds and different websites, any experiences?


  64. i have a 3 year old saint bernard and yellow lab mix and he is a very big dog.he is 170 pounds!!we named him hoot.he looks like a white saint bernard.

  65. I had a St Bernard/Black Lab mix and his dog was the best dog EVER. I just put him down last year after 14 magical years with my best friend. He never barked, and had a amazing temper. His name was MAX. I recommend this mix breed to anyone. He was so great with my kids. And I had him 10 years before my kids came along. I would never get a different breed of dog. He was more human then most humans I know. Kind, gentle and loving. Everything that you can ask for and more. I hope everyone that has this breed has a long and loving relationship with there dog as I did with MAX.

  66. i have one and hes such a sweetie his name is nemo we got him a year old hes not too big we also own a newfoundland soo we love big dogs i he soo friendly he never growls and barely bark soo hes very mellow

  67. We have a chocolate lab/ st b mix named dakota. The best dog ever!!! Kota is about 1 1/2 and his big heart overflows with love. He looks more St. B than lab. He has the lab eyes and head shape and his whole body is chocolate lab color save for a white patch on his chest. Other than that, he’s all St. B. And I can’t get enuff of him! He’s great with my children. My 3 year old will curl up with him in the dog bed and they take their naps together :)

  68. Hi all! I love hearing about how wonderful all your dogs are and I’m quite jealous!…my sweetheart and i were at Universal and saw a dog show…we were so taking aback by one particular dog and after the show we ran up to meet him and find out what kind of dog he was…turned out he was a lab/ saint bernard they saved….this was 3 months ago and I’m am on the hunt to find a lab/ saint bernard puppy!! I live in florida and am willing to travel a distance to retrieve one! if anyone knows where i could find one pleasse let me know!! thanks

  69. Hi, I have a full blood lab right now, who I ABSOLUTELY love:) However, I’m looking for a little bit of a bigger dog like a St. Bernard/Lab mix or Great Dane/Lab mix puppy. Does anyone know where I can find one? If you do can you please e-mail me:) Would love to find one as soon as possible:)

    Amy :)

  70. I just got a labrenard today! He’s the sweatest thing, my Andy. He’s 1 year old though and only 50 lbs. I was suprised how all of you were saying how big yours were. I suspect there might be some beagle in him. He’s very fearful of trucks for some reason. Does anyone know how to deal with that?

  71. About 1 week ago I finally found the dog I was looking for, He is lab , St, 3 months old and about 50 to 55 pounds and growing fast!!!!!!! All black but for a hint of white on his chest and back paws. So beautiful, good natured loveable and funny!!!!!!! He looks just like a black St.Bernard!!! Does anyone know how big the mix can get??? Because at 13 weeks and around 50 pounds seems like he could be a monster , but in a good way! Love my little big boy

  72. Hi everyone! just wanted to say that labranards are the most kind and cute dogs ever :) Mine is all black with white in his chest and a little white in his feet he loves to eat alot and is getting big fast. I am asuming he will be a little bigger than a lab but not bigger than the st. Jasper’s mom was the st. bernard and his dad was the labrador. If you come across the opportunity of getting a labranard dont think twice they are very obedient and like to play alot but also like to sleep alot :) My dad is blind and jasper without any training likes to grab the cane when my dad is walking in the backyard and he tries to guide him and he is just 3 months :) he also loves to play with my 8 year old brother. My brother likes to make holes in the backyard with a shovel and jasper starts digging next to him soo cute :) well here is a picture of jasper, enjoy! By the way I have enjoyed this forum so much and also the webpage and all the pictures that you guys have shared :) HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!


    Hola, tengo un san bernardo de 4 meses pero todavía no ve bien, porque se choca con las paredes, y siento que cuando lo llamo me sigue pero solo con la voz, quisiera que me comentara a qué edad tiene la visión clara

    1. Hola, si usted piensa que su perro no puede tener una visión clara, usted debe llevarlo al veterinario donde se puede ver que los ojos y ver si hay un problema. Si es sólo chocar con las paredes, podría ser debido a que es falta de coordinación. San Bernardo son perros grandes y los cachorros, que crecen muy rápidamente, lo que puede hacer que torpe. Espero que esto ayude y lo siento, tuve que traducir la mayoría de automóviles en esto como mi español es sólo lo suficientemente bueno para la cerveza el orden y la comida. :)
      Hi, if you think your dog might not have clear vision, you should take it to the veterinarian where they can look at it’s eyes and see if there is a problem. If it’s just colliding with the walls, it might be due to it being uncoordinated. Saint Bernards are big dogs and as puppies, they grow very quickly which can make them clumsy. I hope this helps and sorry, I had to auto translate most of this as my Spanish is only good enough to order beer and food. :)

  74. I own a 2 yr old St.Bernard/Black Lab mix female. Dad is & black lab mixed with Swiss mountain breed. Mom is a St. Bernard. Such a sweet and gentle giant I own. She is wonderful with my 4 children. She sits in the back yard waiting for them to get from school. Her best friend is my 7 yr old male boxer. They go and do everything together. She has the most sweetest and socialable personallity ever. She says hello to everyone on our walks.
    That being said I have to say if your a clean freak do not own one of these dogs. Due to the lab and st.bernard in her, she sheds every day and all day long. If you can handle hair on your counters, on all types of floors, in your food, on your clothes, all your furniture then you will have a great dog for your children and a loyal dog to the end of their lives. Walking them is another concideration for this breed that you need to understand. They pull like crazy and have to smell everything. I recommend a training colkar of any kind and muscles on your end. I also recommend drooling cloths. As they drool when they eat, drink, and smell the food you make. If you don’t have cloths on hand then they will use you as a napkin. Don’t be affraid of wiping spit off your ceiling, cupboards and floors as they shake their spit everywhere. If you have small toddlers then watch carefully that your dog doesn’t knock them over. Your big labernard leens and gets excited to see everybody. Read about both breeds before you decide on owning this dog. Once you bring your dog home, train and socialize; you will have a great and wonderful dog in the world. Hope his information helps.

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