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Poppy quarter led to spy coin warnings

From CBC this morning: Poppy quarter led to spy coin warnings.

It seems that the coloured center of the Poppy quarter is what lead to the US contractors believing that they were being spied upon. I guess it’s a case of change being bad? ;)

Church Sign Generator

This morning I stumbled across the Church Sign Generator. How very appropriate for a Sunday morning. With the Church Sign Generator you can (obviously) create your own church signs with any slogans you may have ever wanted to see.

For example:

So, go forth and multiply!

Fast Nipples

All these years I thought that fast nipples referred to when you caught a quick glimpse of a woman’s nipple when you weren’t supposed to.

Having a kid redefines a lot of terms. Now I know that fast nipples are for your kid’s bottle and have a higher flow rate. Even better, you can get a pair of fast nipples at almost any store for about $7. I don’t get to use many bottles with fast nipples though as our munchkin likes her milk directly from the source.

You’d probably have to pay a lot more than $7 to see the other kind of fast nipples on demand.

$4 theft brings 15 days in jail

I was checking out the CBC news from Prince Edward Island this morning and found this rather humourous article about a man who was going to spend 15 days in jail for stealing $4 from a charity donation box.

Apparently the guy stole the Children’s Wish Foundation donation box from a gas station but got caught on tape doing so. I guess he was hoping for a huge payoff but instead, he only got $4. I like how Judge Nancy Orr told the guy he was making a $25 donation (the money in his pocket at the time) to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

So for a $4 gain, he’s now out $25 plus he also gets to spend 15 days in jail. Oh well, it’s good to make an example of people from time to time.

200th Post!

Well, this is the 200th post on ivany.org. Too bad this isn’t a sitcom or we could have some silly “best of” show.

Oh, in case you hadn’t noticed, there are now two of us posting here.  I finally convinced The Boss to start writing about her/our experiences with cloth diapers and other baby stuff. Stay tuned for more.