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Microterry inserts better for boys?

So after my rant and raving about how I LOVE our hemp/cotton inserts.. and still do by the way, I have learned something new. I was talking with a lady from my Parent and Tot swimming class and she said that hemp didn’t work for her son and that she preferred the microterry inserts since he was a “fast” pee’er and they soaked it up faster then the hemp insert. So food for thought, hemp inserts hold more apparently but are slower to absorb (so maybe better for girls) and microterry inserts hold less (much less in my opinion) but are fast absorbing so better for last pee’ers like boys.

Are you considering hemp inserts?

Helpful tips for picking a hemp inserts to use with your Fuzzi Bunz:

  1. Pick a hemp/cotton blend as they are soft and fold very easily. A couple from our prenatal class bought some hemp inserts that were not blended with cotton and they are apparently VERY stiff and make it very hard for the baby to move around while wearing one.
  2. Wash your new inserts separately for the first few washes. This is because they will have a lot of lint (fuzz) in them that needs to work itself out and its a pain to pick it off the diapers after the fact.
  3. The maximum absorbency is achieved after having been washed and dried several times (I found about 3 times). After this is done they are awesome.
  4. Always dry them in the dryer if you can or hang dry and fluff in dryer. The dryer makes it them softer and thus easier to put in the diaper and easier for baby to move around in. Line dry and fluff is a more economical and results in a soft insert.

Cloth Diapers are great!

What can I say… I LOVE my cloth diapers. They are convenient, chemical free and simply awesome. Oh, and there is nothing like a cute little cloth diapered bum to make you smile (and they are also awesome in pictures).

So how did we get started…. Well you can blame it on a good friend of mine for putting the idea in my head, she had tried many different types of cloth and had found Fuzzi Bunz to be by far the best. Now what i find so wonderful about the Fuzzi Bunz is that you can customize the absorbency for day, night and nap time, they are adjustable (ie: they have snaps) and they have fleece as the wetness barrier. That’s right apparently fleece is a natural water repeller so baby’s bum stays dry while the insert absorbs the wetness. Wouldn’t you prefer to be sitting in fleece then plastic and chemicals? I would! Oh, and with Fuzzi Bunz there are no “plastic” pants to put your baby in or safety pins.

Now there are a few “catches” with the Fuzzi Bunz diapers that we have discovered. First of all the “mother of eden” microterry inserts that come with the diaper are just crap. Well, not really crap but if you want to change your baby every half hour they are fine but if you want to go a little longer we have found that a hemp insert (hemp/cotton blend) work wonders. We use the hemp inserts 100% of the time with no issues.

Now if you are considering cloth diapering for purely financial reasons then Fuzzi Bunz probably aren’t for you as they can be pretty pricey especially if you are planning on getting the hemp inserts. I have heard some decent reviews about motherease diapers although I wouldn’t use them as they involve plastic pants and don’t have the fleece liner to keep wetness away. I have heard that many Mom’s just cut up some polar fleece and put them into the diapers… but isn’t that more work?

Fuzzi Bunz Rock

Well, it’s been almost a month now of using Fuzzi Bunz on the munchkin and they are working out very well. We’ve noticed that the hemp inserts are definitely better than the micro-terry at soaking up large quantities of liquid. On top of that, the hemp inserts are less bulky. We got our hemp inserts from JamTots at the same time we bought our diapers from them.

We still use a disposable diaper about once a day but it’s for two sort of odd reasons:

  1. We bought a pack of size 1 diapers that we want to use up
  2. The disposables are a little less bulky between the legs and allow the little one to stretch out a bit more.

Once the disposables are gone we probably won’t buy any more unless we’re going somewhere and can’t wash the Fuzzi Bunz. At Christmas we’re heading to the in-laws and it might just be easier to use disposables for the drive down and back.

Anyways, we have 17 small diapers now and that is enough to last 2 days, most of the time. Most sites recommend 24 diapers so you don’t have to do laundry “every day”. As it stands, we’re doing laundry every day because we’re changing little spitty-uppy a fair bit. It doesn’t really matter if we have to do diapers too. ;) Of course, everything depends on the child as some need to be changed more often to keep them calm.

Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Pocket Diapers

We’re using Fuzzi Bunz cloth pocket diapers on our little munchkin. Before seeing Fuzzi Bunz I had the typical response to cloth diapering:

You want to do what? Do you realize how much work that is?

We had friends of ours introduce us to Fuzzi Bunz when they had their daughter. Needless to say, after seeing how simple they were to use, we were sold on the idea. It also helps that it costs a fair bit less to use Fuzzi Bunz and not use disposables. On top of that, we aren’t generating all of that garbage associated with disposable diapers.

Fuzzi Bunz (and most other pocket diapers) are quite simple to use. Yes, there is the whole cleaning step after they have been used but as far as putting them on and taking them off, it’s the same amount of work as a disposable. The Fuzzi Bunz has an outer shell that is made of a water proof material and an inner made of fleece. At one end there is an opening (creating the pocket between the fleece and the water proof shell) where you stuff inserts. Inserts can be made of pretty much anything that absorbs liquid but the best are hemp inserts (in our opinion).

Once the diaper has been used, you simply pull out the insert and toss the whole works in the washing machine. Of course, once your baby is old enough you dump any solids into the toilet first. ;)

We bought most of our Fuzzi Bunz from Jamtots and that was mostly due to the fact they were selling Fuzzi Bunz with the hemp inserts for a while. They also have some of the best prices we’ve come across, including discounts for buying more Fuzzi Bunz at a time.