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The Fugitive Has Been Caught

Some of the long term readers of my blog may recall that last year I had some issues with a little red squirrel. At the time I said the squirrel must die but now I’m quite content with the squirrel living out it’s days. Why the change of heart? Well, the fugitive has been caught!

The red squirrel has been caught!
The red squirrel has been caught!

I borrowed a live trap from a co-worker of mine and set it up every day for a couple days. It took three tries to finally capture the little red squirrel because it took that long for me to finally get the trap sensitive enough to trip when the squirrel went for the peanut butter. Oh well, it’s all good now. I’ve relocated the squirrel to place where it will be a little difficult for it to get back here. There’s a creek between him and us now. :)

My only concern is that there was more than one red squirrel stashing walnuts in our cars. I’m going to keep my eyes open and keep checking for another couple days. We don’t want to have any more problems with walnuts!

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