Virgin Mobile, please give Haiti my expired minutes

With the recent catastrophe in Haiti, there’s been a whole lot of requests for donations to help out. I was really impressed to see that the American Red Cross setup a way to donate simply by text messaging (text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10). Unfortunately, for those of us in Canada, it doesn’t work.

Virgin Mobile Canada sent me a text yesterday to indicate that I could donate $5 to the Salvation Army for Haiti by texting HAITI to 45678. This is fantastic.

There’s one more way I think Virgin Mobile could help. We recently (on January 12th ironically) let one of our pre-paid Virgin Mobile phones expire. This was because we no longer need it.  The kicker is that the phone still had pre-paid minutes on it which end up just staying in Virgin Mobile’s pocket.

I think it would be really fantastic if Virgin Mobile would let us donate our recently expired pre-paid balance to help Haiti.

I sent a comment to them through their website but have yet to receive a response.

I’m not trying to make Virgin out to be some bad, uncaring company, I just think it would be really nice for them to allow this to happen.  Had there been a way to send a donation to some Canadian aid organization via text message on January 12, I might have sent enough to use up the majority of the pre-paid balance.

Update: I was hoping to be able to post an update that Virgin was going to donate our expired minutes but, I can’t. Unfortunately, over a week later, I haven’t even received a response from Virgin even though they claim to respond to everything within 48 hours.

One thought on “Virgin Mobile, please give Haiti my expired minutes

  1. Alex Mustang

    Yes that would be a really good idea for the guys at Virgin Mobile, for instance in Winnipeg, there were some Winnipeg rentals company which donated a high percentage of its clients interests over the rent fee..

    Alex Mustang


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