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Blogging for Over 5 Years

As I was looking at my pitiful blog this evening I realize I’ve been blogging for over 5 years! Heck, I’ve been blogging since before it was cool to have a blog and before a lot of people blogging now probably even knew what the internet was. Does that make me cool? Hell no! I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and I’ve got nothing to show for it! There’s lots of people out there making gazillions off of their blogging. Hell, there are so called professional bloggers now. I guess I missed the boat on all this because by the time a lot of the monetization of the blogging world started to happen, I was out of university and fully employed.

Looking back at my first blog through I can see that I was procrastinating big time. I would have started my blogging adventures at the same time I was finishing my last semester of university. Oh how I was such a young punk back then.

So what was my first blog post? Welcome to My Blog posted on April 16, 2001.

If it weren’t for this full time job work crap I might be able to devote enough time to be a professional blogger, drawing upon my 5 years of blogging experience but then I’d be out of work and probably desperate to make some quick cash before getting another job. Oh well.

Oh, and if you happen to end up reading any of the drivel I wrote back then, physics still sucks.

1 thought on “Blogging for Over 5 Years”

  1. You could always pod cast…
    oh… oops guess you missed that one too. ;-)
    Darn it. Work just gets in the way of everything.


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