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Layoffs Round 4

    Well, round 4 is now starting. Finally. I just got word that one of the other product lines is having a “meeting” right now.

    I love those kinds of “meetings”. The ones where they tell everyone to come as attendance is mandatory. Go into such and such a room and wait for what you’re expecting. When you get there, have one of your upper management types make some comments. Then you get to go find the envelope with your name on it. Does the letter “I” come in “A-N” or in “O-Z”. I’ve forgotten twice now.

    Once you’ve got that envelope, you open it and it tells you to go to another room. Off you go, not knowing your fate. You look around and try and see who else is heading your way. “Are they a keeper?”. If that answer is “Yes” then you feel a little better. It’s not over though until someone comes into that room and tells you that you haven’t been laid off. Even then it’s not over until those that do get laid off no longer come around.

    I still feel so guilty about not being laid off last time. Maybe tomorrow.

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