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It’s Official: Bye Bye Bell Cell Phones

It’s official, I told Bell yesterday that we are canceling our cell phone service with them. The count down is now on!

I had to go through the whole retention rep process again and I figured, I’d let the rep do her thing and try to find something that would work to keep me as a customer. The best they could do was to offer me a 10% discount on my current plan and a couple new phones if I signed a new contract. The other option was a new plan at $20/month per phone with only 30 minutes of airtime. Oh, and they would toss in call display for free.

No deal, no good, I’m heading to Virgin Mobile.

Oh, the sort of funny part of the call was when the rep tried to tell me that Virgin didn’t use the same network as Bell.

BCE Press Release: Virgin Group and Bell Mobility Announce Partnership to Bring Virgin Mobile to Canada

Oh, and yes, I realize I’m not really getting rid of Bell completely as Bell will still get some of my money since they partially own Virgin Mobile Canada. Yes, it sucks but Virgin is my best option.

7 thoughts on “It’s Official: Bye Bye Bell Cell Phones”

  1. Nope, I don’t know any Ivanys from Calgary. All the ones I know are from the East Coast who are either still there or have migrated to Ontario (for the most part). There are a few different groups of Ivanys around Canada (and the USA) that may or may not be related.


  2. We’ve been happy with our Virgin mobile phones and service, which we’ve had since about Labour day. I love their automated voice mail guy’s sense of humour.

  3. I think my wallet is going to be happy with Virgin Mobile as I’ve had the phone in my pocket for a week now and I’ve yet to use it. ;) Voice mail… Yeah, I guess I should figure out how to set that up. I don’t expect to use it much but it might be handy.

  4. Both my work phone and our home cell are with VM. At $100 per year (30 cents per minute) it is way cheaper per month. I use the work cell every day and it is only down $50 for 3 months. The home phone is only down $12 for 3 months. System access fee alone will cost you that with someone else!

    Oh and the Voice Mail guy changed and is no longer a teenager… at least it does make me feel bad when I have no messages any more…


    1. Mike, keep in mind that Virgin Mobile is now owned by Bell. That said, I’ve been a long time Virgin Mobile pre-paid customer (wow, like 4+ years based on this post) and have had no issues. I only have a “dumb” phone though so can’t comment on their new “smart(er)phone” offerings.

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