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Details of GMs new 4.5L DuraMax diesel V-8

AutoblogGreen has some more details on the new Duramax 4.5L diesel V8 that GM is working on. It sounds like the intent is to make this new engine able to fit in any of the existing GM models that have a gas small block V8. That would include the Chevy and GMC light duty trucks, as well as the Yukon and the Hummer H2. The downside is that it won’t be available until after 2009 so we’re stuck waiting until the 2010 model year (at the earliest) to get our hands on this new diesel.

PickupTruck.com has an article on the new 4.5L diesel V8 also and they reference an Automotive News article stating that the engine will get 30 mpg (7.8 L/100km) highway. That’s a pretty substantial improvement over the 22 mpg (10.7 L/100km) that the 5.3L V8 gets.

GM announces new light duty 4.5L V-8 diesel for North America

I was reading the Autoblog Green article GM announces new light duty 4.5L V-8 diesel for North America which made me a little excited. This would be a fabulous option for people like myself who would like to have a diesel pickup but not a heavy duty work horse truck. This diesel is smaller than the current 4.8L V8 gas engine (like I had in my old trucks) and produces more horsepower and way more torque. There is a reference to a 25% reduction in fuel consumption over the existing gas engines. I can only assume that this is a comparison to the 5.3L V8 that is pretty much the defacto standard engine in a GM full-sized truck.

Now, I was confused by the first comment on the article because the poster simply missed the point. They should be impressed by a 25% reduction in fuel consumption for pickup trucks. According to the sales numbers on pickuptruck.com, GM has sold a combined 350,000 pickup trucks to the end of May 2007. That will be almost 850,000 trucks by the end of the year. If the majority of those trucks can see a reduction of 25% in their fuel consumption, just think of how much less fuel will be used.

The poster may not see the use of a pickup truck but I’ll bet that a lot of their service companies, contractors, emergency services and other commercial operations do. They all drive a lot more in a year than the average family of 4. 50+ mpg makes very little difference on the whole. Yeah, it helps your own pocket a bit more but unless you’re driving a lot more than the average, you may be no better off once you take into consideration the (current) extra cost of a diesel. I’ve done the math and it almost make sense for me. I commute over 110km (almost 70 miles) a day and if I weren’t carpooling with two other guys, I’d likely have a Volkswagen TDI already, even with the extra up front expense and higher ongoing maintenance costs.

Oh, and forget the H2 being mentioned in the original article, that’s the red herring to get you to bite.

Dale Holt’s 1952 GMC

I’ve always liked trucks and found older trucks interesting because they have more style than the ones rolling out now. I’ve been interested in the 1947 to 1954 Chevrolet trucks since I saw one in (of all things) the Queens of the Stone Age video for Go With the Flow:

It took me a while to figure out what the truck was but after some web searching I tracked it down. Now I’m hooked. The styling, lines, shape and stance of these trucks is simply amazing. Of course, I’m a little more inclined to lean towards the hot rod trucks as opposed to the meticulously restored trucks.

As part of all this, I stumbled across The Stovebolt Page which is the pretty much the Mecca of information on early model Chevrolet and GMC trucks. There are a whole lot of experienced people on the forums who can provide answers or solutions to most problems. Some day I’ll stop lurking there – when I get my old truck.

One of the trucks that The Stovebolt Page has in their gallery is Dale Holt’s 1952 GMC. I love Dale Holt’s 1952 GMC! I’m not entirely sure why but I think it just looks amazing. It’s still sporting the surface rust and patina of a 54 year old truck. Amazing.

The feature story about the Lil Rascals Rod Shop and how this truck came to be put back on the road is also really great. It makes me realize that I could learn enough to get a truck like this on the road.

First Snow of the Season

Well, I got up this morning with the dog around 6:15AM and got to see the start of our first snow of the season. In the hour or so it took to get ready to go to work, my truck was well covered by a blanket of new snow. Fun! It’s stil coming down at a rather heavy rate.

The drive to work was sort of amusing, a fair number of cars were off the road on the 416, way more than I expected. I guess some people didn’t quite remember how to drive on a snow covered road. I had a little fun in Kemptville before I got to the main road. The truck doesn’t have any weight in the back at the moment so it was a little squirrelly on the corner near the cemetery – how appropriate. ;) I’ll have to get my sandbags in there tonight since they are predicting snow for the next couple days.