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Noma LED Christmas Lights

In my Spend Money to Save Money post I mentioned Noma LED Christmas lights as a way to save money. I went and bought 8 strings of their “clear” 70 light sets, 3 with the medium sized bulbs and 5 with the little bulbs. I’ve been rather impressed with them so far. The medium sized bulbs are outside and appear to be pretty good. They have that bluish glow to them which has grown on me. They aren’t quite as brilliant as a regular incandescent white light but they do have a certain amount of dazzle if you view the bulb from the right angle.

I put 5 strings of the smaller bulb Noma LED Christmas lights on our Christmas tree inside. Again, same bluish glow for the most part. One string has a slightly different hue though. It looks like it’s closer to being clear than the other strings. Not a huge deal but it would be nice if they all had the same bluish hue to them.

Anyways, I’ve been impressed so far. It takes a little bit to get used to the light they produce but as I mentioned, if you get the light pointed the right direction, they are really quite bright.

I’m planning on buying more next year for decorating outside. The best part is the ones we bought for inside are actually indoor/outdoor lights so if we decide to do something different inside next year, I’ll just move them outside somewhere else.

10 thoughts on “Noma LED Christmas Lights”

  1. I recently purchased some of your Indoor/Outdoor warm white LED lights. There are 70 lights on a string. I plan to install them on a tree at my country place. The tree is about 12 ft. tall. Can you suggest how many strings might be required to give adequate effect. Also if one of the bulbs were to burn out would the remaining ones stay lit or would all of the string go off. Are there replacable bulbs available. On the box it states”no bulbs to burn out” I don’t quite understand that.
    Thanks for help.
    Joe Slaney

  2. I put 5 strings of 70 lights on a blue spruce in my front yard that is about 14 feet tall. That was probably a bit of over kill but I find with the LED lights that it produces a nicer look when there are more.

    As for burning out, the LED lights don’t typically burn out like a regular bulb. I had one string that I returned this year (a year after I bought them) because there were a number of lights that had burnt out. And when I say burnt out I mean they had brown electrical burn marks on them. I think that it was a defective set though as none of my other sets have the same problem. One set out of 13 strings isn’t too bad and since the Noma lights have something like a 5 year warranty, you can just take them back to Canadian Tire to get them replaced – just keep your receipt.

    Unfortunately, if you do get an LED that does burn out, you can’t replace it.

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  4. I purchased 7 sets of Led christmas lights and 5 sets have burt out bulbs…they cost me alot of money and I did not keep the receipt. What can I do … they do have a product number on them and they are all the same number. I am very disappointed as they did cost me a fair bit of money and I have only used them for 2 seasons. I will not purchase them again … I purchased them at Walmart.

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  6. Hi there. I bought two strings of the Noma outdoor LED Christmas lights during this promotion back in ’07. The lights stopped working sometime in January of ’08. Are you aware of any issues with these lights or a lead as to how I might find out. The electrical connection the lights are tied into is working and I tried a number of outlets to be sure. Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

  7. @David: If the entire set doesn’t work, that would sound like you have a break in the wires somewhere. You might be able to find that break and fix it.

    If you still have your receipt, take them back to Canadian Tire and they will replace them as you are still within the 5 year warranty.

  8. I just purchased a 23′ – 8″ string of the Noma 70 super bright indoor/outdoor lights. I put that string up outside to see how it looked, compared to the incandesent light we had previously. After plugging them in, the lights looked fine so the next day I purchased an additional eight strings. When I plugged in that same string the next evening – 3 of the 70 lights were out. It’s alot of work to put up the additional eight strings and I am rather concerned that the other strings may cause me the same problems. It seems to me that the technology my not be there yet with these LED lights?

  9. i bought two sets of noma outdoor lights last year and now they have about 20 of them burned out.i purchased them at rona but i do not have the receipt what are my options?? al

  10. Definately keep your receipts these lights will not last five years,I purchased about 30 -40 sets for some big trees and as of today 6 sets do not work only 40- 50percent light up the oldest set is 4 years some other sets are only 2 years.

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