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Merry Christmas Canada Post!

    Merry Christmas Canada Post! Thanks for delivering all of the misaddressed and postage lacking Christmas cards that my friends and family have sent to me this holiday season. :)

    Seriously, we’ve received a number of cards this year that only had our name and “Kemptville, ON” as the address. No street number, no PO Box number, no postal code. Yet they still showed up in our box at the post office.

    We even got one that was redirected from our old apartment that had no stamp on it. Thanks again Canada Post!

    Oh, and to all the people we know who might be reading this right now, your Christmas card is in the mail. Blame Canada Post if it doesn’t get there on time. ;) hehe. No, don’t blame them, blame us. We’re the slackers who have been working on those cards for a couple weeks now but only recently managed to get them all stamped and ready for the mail.

    So once again, Merry Christmas Canada Post! Thanks for getting all those Christmas cards to their destinations, even if they don’t have all the information they need.

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