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Episode 9

    Well, Penny was sort of predictable. Ok, so maybe it was more of a 50/50 between her and Jake but you knew one of them was going.

    I think Jake is on his last legs though. He lucked out this time because I think Ted might have convinced the ladies to vote for Penny. It’s sort of wierd though that Clay was the only one (other than Penny) that voted for Jake. I wonder if that means there’s something else going on behind the scenes that Ted is sort of running.


    If not, Ted needs to wake up. He’s got way too much blind faith in his group. He hasn’t clued in that alliances get broken. Soft Core Porn Guy is playing both sides and Clay is just running every which way to sweet talk anyone who will listen.

    I’m thinking it’s about time for Jan to go. She’s been able to sort of slide under all the crap but I think it’s time to end. All the active players (like Jake, Clay and SCPG) have sort of forgotten about the two women. I wouldn’t be surprised to see those two end up in at the end just because everyone else forgot about them.

    Oh well. There’s still not a whole lot going on now. That last reward challenge was nasty though. Making them pick a partner on the spot or get knocked out? Damn! And the whole wall climb thing too. Crazy. If Ted doesn’t think about that a little more, he might be off of the Island before Jake!

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